Who We Are

Audacity YQR is a movement celebrating the creativity, innovation and success of bold individuals and visionary organizations that want to make Regina their home. We encourage the entire city to get behind us and embrace the entrepreneurial spirit. 

An entrepreneurial mindset helps us to nurture the collective abilities and diverse values of our innovative business community, through an exchange of ideas, resources, connections and acceptance.

This entrepreneurial ecosystem helps Audacity YQR do what we do best - promote, showcase and support Regina’s entrepreneurs throughout their unique journeys.


Audacity YQR is an audacious idea given life – the creation of a growing movement of entrepreneurs in Regina that will enrich the lives of the whole community. We encourage the entrepreneur in everyone, doing everything we can to help those who make a go of it. We inspire enterprise and innovation. Enable entrepreneurs to connect and share their knowledge. And we simply let you be you in pursuit of your business dreams.


In Regina, the benefits of ‘supporting local’ can be seen and felt in our community because our entrepreneurs are friendly, accessible – and everywhere. They’re your friends and neighbours. They’re people you want to succeed. When they do, the whole community feels the buzz and is ready to welcome the entrepreneurs of the future.


We’re for people flying solo with an idea; family businesses maintaining a legacy or maybe just establishing one; existing enterprises expanding to generate more success. We help innovative ideas pop up, and businesses to set up shop and establish roots in the community. Every entrepreneur has a unique journey, but every one of them needs the right support to fit their story.

Our Partners

Thank You

Audacity YQR is a touchpoint for entrepreneurs in the community, ensuring no journey is taken alone. Here’s to our partners, who support our movement and believe in our work, creating a vibrant business environment filled with new opportunities. Together, we ensure a welcoming home for local entrepreneurs and help to create a prosperous, more audacious Regina.

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Our Manifesto

It’s the city where we overcome obstacles. The city where business ideas flourish, and grow into reality. It’s the city where one’s passion is encouraged to break through. It’s a city of opportunity. Ideas are supported. Roadblocks are removed. Self-doubt turns into confidence. Questions are answered, and problems become solutions. There is no discrimination of age or sex, culture or industry. And there’s no judgement. There’s no such thing as a bad idea, for all ideas are celebrated. This city is not NY or LA, Toronto or Vancouver. 

The city we speak of is right here, Regina. 

We bring out the Audacious!

Our Manifesto Explained

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Join us and support our movement – become an event sponsor by reaching out to hello@audacityyqr.ca

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