Complete Martial Arts and Fitness – An Audacity Story

AJ Scales, Complete Martial Arts and Fitness

Lucky Hair Hair and Beauty – An Audacity Story

Lucky Okurame, Lucky Hair Hair and Beauty

5 Days for the Homeless – An Audacious Reimagining

Project Live for 5 – Hill BSS reimagines a new format for the annual 5 Days for the Homeless campaign in light of the pandemic 5 Days for the Homeless (5 Days) is an audacious campaign hosted by universities across Canada each year. The…

Sawchyn Guitars – An Audacity Story

Starting a business near retirement is not ideal in theory, but when passion and talent is present anything is possible. Regina entrepreneurs keep breaking boundaries day-in & day-out. It’s quite a sight!…

AC Salon and Spa – An Audacity Story

Meet Azahel — a Regina entrepreneur born and raised in Mexico. Azahel has been in beauty industry since 2009 but has had influences from the stage and entertainment industry throughout his entire life. Everyday Azahel wakes up with one…

Sergio Reyna – An Audacity Story

Meet Sergio, a #yqr entrepreneur born and raised in Mexico City - he curates some of the best Mexican Food in Sask! After decades of culinary experience Sergio made the audacious decision to open his first Mexican restaurant in September…

Audacity Movement Nationally Recognized

You did it, YQR! The Audacity movement has been awarded the Economic Developers Association of Canada Cup for best overall initiative. The momentum our incredible community has built is putting Regina on the map, and we’re just getting started. Regina…

Have an Audacious Holiday Regina

We want to thank the community for supporting our fight, happy holidays to all and to all a good night.

Italian Star Deli

The Italian Star Deli is a staple Regina business. The sandwiches crafted by the family are legendary and their pizza sauce is out of this world.


Krugo is a traveling company to help out those in need of either entertainment for other amenities.

22Fresh – An Audacity Story

How could a piece of apparel create a bond strong enough to start a business?

Sandra Masters – We Are YQR

Ask yourself: “What makes Regina — Regina?” Regina entrepreneurship is thriving and this is just the beginning.